• Essays on Responding to Climate Change by Penelope J. Corfield

4.5 Responding to Climate Change

4.5.1 Climate Reds: Responding to Climate Change with ‘Relative’ Optimism (2011), Pdf21
Talking of ‘big history’, nothing comes as big as the predicted problems consequent upon climate change. This essay argues, against the ultra-pessimists, that the history of eventual international cooperation on a range of tricky issues gives reasonable grounds for optimism that humans will rally to take measures in response. But solutions will only work if individuals as well as governments play their part. [Updated note 2019: the active concern of children and young people in many countries around the world is providing a very welcome input of urgency to stir the faltering international efforts].

4.5.2 Cities Greener Still and Greener (BLOG/ 106, October 2019) This short essay argues that today’s urgently needed green policies should not just safeguard the countryside and global wildernesses. All towns need to become radically green – and then greener.

4.5.3 Reasons for Unrepentant (Relative) Optimism about the Coming of Green Politics (BLOG/ 107, November 2019) As evidence mounts for the extent of global warming and the pace of species extinction, it’s hard to remain optimistic. But this short essay makes the case for relative optimism, driven chiefly by intergenerational change. Humans (as a species) are problem solvers as well as problem creators. So it’s now time!