Monthly Blog Index

PJC’s monthly BLOGs, which began in October 2010 as monthly Discussion Points, are indexed under the headings of Autobiography (personal history); Civics (current affairs); History (past times); and Skills (professional skills).

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1October 2010 What should a New Government do about the Skills Agenda in Education Policy?SKILLSMonthly Blog 1
2Nov. 2010 Why is the Formidable Power of Continuity so often Overlooked? HISTORYMonthly Blog 2
3Dec. 2010 Why do Humans Still Learn Chiefly via Face-to-Face Communication? CIVICSMonthly Blog 3
4January 2011On the Subtle Power of Gradualism HISTORY Monthly Blog 4
5February 2011 Studying History for Love and Usefulness CombinedCIVICSMonthly Blog 5
6March 2011 Reconsidering RevolutionsHISTORY Monthly Blog 6
7April 2011 Why are British Universities Politically so Supine? CIVICSMonthly Blog 7
8May 2011 The British Labour Party: Viewed Sociologically, Organisationally and IdeologicallyCIVICSMonthly Blog 8
9June 2011 What has Gone Wrong with the Audit Culture? CIVICSMonthly Blog 9
10July 2011 What’s Wrong with the Arts & Humanities Research Council Citing Political Slogans? CIVICSMonthly Blog 10
11August 2011 Where is the Political Left Today? CIVICSMonthly Blog 11
12Sept. 2011 What is a Riot?CIVICSMonthly Blog 12
13October 2011 Cross-Class Marriage in History HISTORYMonthly Blog 13
14Nov. 2011 An Unknown Book that Influenced me AUTOBIOGRAPHYMonthly Blog 14
15Dec. 2011 Two Historians who Influenced me AUTOBIOGRAPHYMonthly Blog 15
16January 2012 Events Lived Through, Part I: 1968AUTOBIOGRAPHYMonthly Blog 16
17February 2012 Events Lived Through, Part II: 1971AUTOBIOGRAPHYMonthly Blog 17
18March 2012 In Praise of Memory HISTORYMonthly Blog 18
19April 2012 In Praise of Public Information and Dispraise of Sugared Public Relations CIVICSMonthly Blog 19
20May 2012 In Praise of Distinctive Cities and against the March of High-Rise Anywhere City CIVICSMonthly Blog 20
21July 2012 Historical Periodisation – Part I HISTORYMonthly Blog 21
22August 2012 To Trust or Not to Trust?CIVICSMonthly Blog 22
23October 2012 Why Do Politicians Undervalue History in Schools?CIVICSMonthly Blog 23
24Nov. 2012 History as the Staple of a Civic Education CIVICSMonthly Blog 24
25Dec. 2012 Championing the Study of History CIVICSMonthly Blog 25
26January 2013 Worst and Best Academic Lectures that I’ve Heard SKILLSMonthly Blog 26
27February 2013 Asking Questions post Seminar Papers/Lectures SKILLSMonthly Blog 27
28March 2013 Answering Questions post Seminar Papers/Lectures
SKILLSMonthly Blog 28
29April 2013 Should each Secretary of State for Education rewrite the UK Schools History Syllabus?CIVICSMonthly Blog 29
30May 2013 But People often Ask: History is really Politics, isn’t it? So Why shouldn’t Politicians have their Say about What’s Taught in Schools?CIVICSMonthly Blog 30
31July 2013 On Scripting and Co-Directing an Hour-Long History DVDSKILLSMonthly Blog 31
32August 2013 Reactions to Making a History DVD SKILLSMonthly Blog 32
33September 2013 Contracting out Services is Killing Local Democracy CIVICSMonthly Blog 33
34October 2013 Coping with Writer’s Block SKILLSMonthly Blog 34
35Nov. 2013 Dons and Student-Customers? Or the Community of Learners? CIVICSMonthly Blog 35
36Dec. 2013 Talking of Language, it’s Time to Update the Language of Race CIVICSMonthly Blog 36
37January 2014 How do People Respond to Eliminating the Language of ‘Race’ CIVICSMonthly Blog 37
38February 2014 Why is the Language of ‘Race’ holding on so Long when it’s Based on a Pseudo-Science? CIVICSMonthly Blog 38
39March 2014 Studying the Long and the Short of History HISTORYMonthly Blog 39
40April 2014 Historical Reputations through TimeHISTORYMonthly Blog 40
41May 2014 Historical Reputations: Disappearing from HistoryHISTORYMonthly Blog 41
42June 2014 Chairing Seminars and Lectures SKILLSMonthly Blog 42
43July 2014 Mis-Speaking…and How to Respond SKILLSMonthly Blog 43
44August 2014 Quotations and Irony SKILLSMonthly Blog 44
45Sept. 2014 Doffing One’s Hat HISTORYMonthly Blog 45
46October 2014The History of the Hand-ShakeHISTORYMonthly Blog 46
47Nov. 2014 Women and Public Speaking – and Why it has Taken so Long to get ThereHISTORYMonthly Blog 47
48Dec. 2014The Art of Public Presentation – with Structured Content and a Final Snappy DictumSKILLSMonthly Blog 48
49January 2015What on Earth is the ‘Temporal Turn’ and Why is it Happening Now?HISTORYMonthly Blog 49
50February 2015What does the ‘Temporal Turn’ mean in Practice for Historians and Non-Historians alike?HISTORYMonthly Blog 50
51March 2015Talking about the Shape of HistoryHISTORYMonthly Blog 51
52April 2015Facts and Factoids in HistoryHISTORYMonthly Blog 52
53May 2015Election Special: What’s Wrong with the Old Practice of Open Voting, Standing up to be Counted?CIVICSMonthly Blog 53
54June 2015Post-Election Special: On Losing?CIVICSMonthly Blog 54
55July 2015Post Election Meditations: Should the Labour Party Change its Name?CIVICSMonthly Blog 55
56August 2015More Post Election Meditations: On Changing the Labour Party’s nameCIVICSMonthly Blog 56
57September 2015Riding the Tides of HistoryCIVICSMonthly Blog 57
58October 2015 Living intensely in the eye of the storm: Why do people quit their daily lives and go to join crusades in distant lands?CIVICSMonthly Blog 58
59November 2015 Supervising a Big Research Project to finish well and on time: Three Framework RulesSKILLSMonthly Blog 59
60December 2015 Writing through a Big Research Project, not Writing UpSKILLSMonthly Blog 60
61January 2016 DOES The Study of History ‘Progress’? And how does Plurilogue help?HISTORYMonthly Blog 61
62February 2016 Is the past Dead or Alive? And the Snares of such Binary Questions.HISTORYMonthly Blog 62
63March 2016 The Value of Voting – And why the Practice should not be MockedHISTORY CIVICSMonthly Blog 63
64April 2016Why is it Taking So Long to Normalise the Role Of Women at the Top in Politics?HISTORY CIVICSMonthly Blog 64
65May 2016 How did Women first Manage to Break the Grip of Traditional Patriarchy?HISTORY CIVICSMonthly Blog 65
66June 2016What’s so Great about Historical Evidence?SKILLSMonthly Blog 66
67July 2016What’s Next? Interrogating Historical Evidence?HISTORYMonthly Blog 67
68August 2016Referenda Viewed LongCIVICSMonthly Blog 68
69September 2016 Britain and Mainland Europe Viewed Long: From Concert of Europe to Council of EuropeCIVICSMonthly Blog 69
70October 2016What’s Wrong with The European Union’s Hybrid Constitution?CIVICSMonthly Blog 70
71November 2016 How is Growing Inequality Dividing The British Tories from Within? CIVICSMonthly Blog 71
72December 2016Remembering Conrad Russell, Historian of Stuart Britain and ‘Last of the Whigs’HISTORYMonthly Blog 72
73January 2017Writing Into Silence About TimeHISTORYMonthly Blog 73
74February 2017Why can’t we think about Space without Time?HISTORYMonthly Blog 74
75March 2017 Humans as Time-Specific StardustHISTORYMonthly Blog 75
76April 2017Humans as Collective Time-Travellers HISTORYMonthly Blog 76
77May 2017Ideas taking a Wrong TurnHISTORYMonthly Blog 77
78June 2017Who Cares? Getting People to VoteCIVICSMonthly Blog 78
79July 20172017 – Another Summer of Love?CIVICSMonthly Blog 79
80August 2017Writing Anonymous Academic AssessmentsSKILLSMonthly Blog 80
81September 2017Responding To Anonymous Academic AssessmentsSKILLSMonthly Blog 81
82October 2017Writing Personal ReferencesSKILLSMonthly Blog 82
83November 2017 Sex and the AcademicsCIVICSMonthly Blog 83
84December 2017Inventing WordsHISTORYMonthly Blog 84
85January 2018Working with WordsSKILLSMonthly Blog 85
86February 2018Completing a Big ProjectHISTORY-WRITINGMonthly Blog 86
87March 2018Burned BoatsHISTORY-WRITINGMonthly Blog 87
88April 2018How I write as a HistorianHISTORY-WRITINGMonthly Blog 88
89May 2018 As The Language of ‘Race’ Disappears, Where Does That Leave The Assault Upon Racism?CIVICSMonthly Blog 89
90June 2018Celebrating Human Diversity amidst Human UnityCIVICSMonthly Blog 90
91July 2018People Sometimes Say: ‘We Don’t Learn From The Past’ and Why That Statement is Completely AbsurdHISTORY/TIMEMonthly Blog 91
92August 2018Historians at Work Through TimeHISTORY-WRITINGMonthly Blog 92
93September 2018 How to Study Historians: Historiology, not HistoriographyHISTORY/SKILLSMonthly Blog 93
94October 2018Thinking Long – Studying HistoryHISTORY/SKILLSMonthly Blog 94
95November 2018‘What is the Greatest Sin in The World?’ Christopher Hill and the Spirit Of EqualityCIVICS/HISTORY-WRITINGMonthly Blog 95
96December 2018‘What’s wrong with prehistory?’HISTORYMonthly Blog 96
97January 2019‘Why is the remarkable Charlotte Despard not better known?’HISTORY/CIVICSMonthly Blog 97
98February 2019How should you approach the PhD Viva?HISTORY-WRITINGMonthly Blog 98